Meet the competitors – Christina Dobloug and Lise Solie
Meet the competitors – Lars Jans / Hans Heerema / Bert Uyt Den Bogaard
Meet the competitors – Christina Dobloug and Lise Solie
Meet the competitors – Lars Jans / Hans Heerema / Bert Uyt Den Bogaard
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Rallye Breslau 2021: Bigger than ever. Hashtag #megaedition

We are extremely glad and very proud to share that the oldest off-road rally in Europe is simultaneously the biggest international off-road event this year. With more than 25 years of history Rallye Breslau will accommodate an unprecedented number of competitors.


406 rally teams from 25 nationalities officially entered Rallye Breslau until the closing day of the registrations.

The number of the entrants speaks for itself. At the start line on 28th of June we expect:

58 motorbikes, 50 quads, 94 side-by-sides, 94 cross country cars, 31 extreme cars, 32 cross country trucks, 19 extreme trucks and 28 vehicles in the non-racing category. You can get ready for an amazing one-time competition!

New bigger bivouac for the mega edition of the Breslau

Following the huge competitor field, we organized a new – much bigger bivouac near Drawsko Pomorskie in a picturesque area. There we will feel more comfortable and can accommodate everyone. At the same time, we follow a sanitary protocol and want to ensure that more space will be provided for adequate physical distance.

The bivouac will be open on Friday, 26th of June and the Administrative Check this year will start also on Friday. The Administrative Check will start earlier – one more day will be given for this procedure due to the large number of participants. Time slots for the Technical Scrutineering will also be defined. We do our best to manage everything in the cleverest way and facilitate all activities during the rally for this large number of participants.

This year the rally days will be from Monday, 28th of June to Friday, 2nd of July. Just like in 2020, the different rally classes will start at different places, after which they will rotate. That’s the safest way to organize it. Mid-day service breaks will be arranged. The rally itinerary will present a challenging scenario and a lot of rally fun, for sure. A night stage is on the agenda and more challenging sections for the teams in the Extreme category.

Rally director Alexander Kovatchev for the upcoming edition:

,,Rallye Breslau has never been bigger than this year and it seems that we are even bigger than the Dakar of 2021. We expect more than 400 competitor teams. This is a huge challenge, but we have a very good concept that we have been continuously improving. In the last ten years, we have changed a lot in terms of organization. We race Monday to Friday, so participants only need five working days. Everyone can go back to work on Monday after the rally. The separation of the cars and motorcycles, the accurate timekeeping and satellite tracking (both developed entirely in-house), the ability to communicate when overtake or in danger, together with the top trained ORGA, make Rallye Breslau a world leader and trend setter in sporting and safety perspectives. Our communication and marketing are well structured, competent and honest, because we “speak the language” of the competitors. We are a multinational family where people respect and care for each other, and where the good old spirit of motorsport has never left. Finally yet importantly, our entry fees are very favorable. Being regularly asked by other organizers how we could achieve this, I answer that we are the “Lidl “of rallies. There you will find everything you need, of good quality and very affordable.

This situation around the Corona virus differs per country, but it looks good in Poland. We work closely with the government, as we did during the Fenix Rally in Tunisia. The future will tell us, which events will continue to do well and which will not. RBI Sport has also had its difficulties, but we have been growing every year and will be continuing to exist. The pandemic is a worldwide problem and a test for all mankind, being a difficulty to one but a possibility for another.”

We look forward to this one-time incredible edition of Rallye Breslau.

Good luck to all competitors!

Sporting greetings

Alexander Kovatchev

& Team of RBI Sport

Entry list:

Rally program:

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