• Classic Time Card filled out and stamped at every time and passage control
  • Professional TAG-Heuer devices for precise time measurement and live tracking
  • Rally Safety System especially developed for Rallye Breslau Int. Assn.: Complete rally monitoring system based on GPS and GLONASS satellite positioning technology, GPRS data transfer and advanced cloud server data processing.
  • Online solutions for rally control and interactive dispatch of services.
  • Live tracking and live results.
  • Rally replay
  • The GEOTRAQ system is developed, maintained and operated by active rally drivers and co-drivers.
  • Over 5 years of experience in rally monitoring and interactive timekeeping.
  • „From racing seat to code-base in five minutes“. Fastest response in market!


  • GPS and GLONASS navigation systems – maximum of precision, even in the harshest enviroments
  • GPRS class 10 communication – Fast and reliable 3G speed for data transfer
  • High sensitivity internal antenna – No need of external cables and antennas
  • Li-Po internal rechargeable battery – Self-sufficient up to 12 hours with back up power
  • Build-in accelerometer- G-force data for direct accident assessment
  • Internal flash memory -1 00’000 records storage capability
  • Compact size and light weight-70x70x27mm – no need of special mounting brackets
  • Waterproof IP67 – Function guarantied in worse environmental conditions.


  • SOS button-Distress call directly to Rally Control via SMS and GPRS communication
  • Recovery button – Request to Rally Control for vehicle recovery
  • OK button – Confirmation button for status, request, alarm call-off
  • Yellow flag – Bright LED light when yellow flag conditions are activated by Rally Control
  • Accident alarm – Bright LED light triggered when alarm is received from another competitor
  • Overtaking request – Bright LED light triggered when overtaking request is received
  • Buzzer- Alarm scenarios allow the use of a buzzer sound


  • SOS button-Fast and accurate dispatch of medical crews over road and air
  • Crash analyzing algorithm – Immediate alarm based on movement-profiling and G-force vector calculation
  • Speed control – Monitoring of speed limits and record of speeding in selective and road sections
  • Recovery button-Fast and accurate dispatch of recovery crews
  • Temperature monitoring-Data for temperature in the cockpit allow for faster understanding of situations
  • GSM coverage – Optimization of rally personnel on stages and proper positioning of marshals
  • Overview of all vehicles in rally – Live tracking of rally vehicles, safety cars, ambulances, tow trucksets.

Live tracking

  • Easy embedment of the Live tracking window in rally websites
  • Time delay in tracking window for no-cheat purposes
  • Online counters

Live results

  • Split times on stages
  • Preliminary results with implemented penalties

Rally replay

  • After Leg closure all track data is published
  • Review the Legs again to optimize strategy
  • Simulate parallel starts
  • Compare driving between competitors
  • Show trails to look for not allowed shortcuts
  • “Everything is transparent to everyone”


  • A DEPOSIT FROM 150 EURO IS REQUIRED for the satellite GPS tracker.
  • Deposit can be paid in cash only at administrative check.
  • Deposits will be paid back in cash after returning the equipment with no damage.
    In case of a damage or loss of the rented equipment the organizer retains the deposit in full amount.
    The rental for the satellite GPS tracker is included in the entry fee.