Campaign to save the life of little Kerem from Istanbul
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Campaign to save the life of little Kerem from Istanbul
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After the great start of RBI Sport rally season 2022 with fantastic second edition of Fenix Rally all eyes are on the upcoming Rallye Breslau in Poland.

The rally preparations are in full swing despite of the current situation. We understand that in some people will raise concerns, but we are getting assurance from the local authorities, where we have decade’s long partnership, that the rally will take place. This is not the first challenge in the almost 30 years of history of the Breslau. Each year we had diverse challenges to face, but even in the toughest moments the rally took place. Exactly in those moments we can ultimately feel the strong partnerships and the traditions, which Rally Breslau has built in Poland.

The rally will have a new stage with start in the south part of Poland. We are currently working on a combination of several options for the rally tracks. As soon as all agreements with land owners are finalized we will reveal the exact start location. After all these years this is a good and expected change. The finish will be once again in Drawsko Pomorskie. The military polygon there is traditional for Rallye Breslau and is an integral part of the Breslau spirit.

The famous night stage will take everyone into the unknown as darkness would hide all the surroundings and the road book would be the only thing to guide the drivers into the wilderness.

This year the participants will face the Incredible marathon stage which is known as the “Hannibal stage”.   

Competitors can expect 1500 km of Itinerary for Cross Country and 1300 km of itinerary for the Extreme Category.
In the Breslau every stage, every corner is exciting. The variation in the landscapes and the tracks is great. Participants have to be able to do everything: high speed racing, proper navigation and teamwork. This is part of the typical Breslau spirit.


Around 3 months before the rally we have over 260 registered crews, which only shows that people are happy and have faith and trust in the organizer. And all this in a year with many more rallies to choose from.

Knowing the tendency that 35% of our competitors register in the last moment, we may be forced to limit the maximal number of participants at some point. The online registration will be closed on Tuesday, 31.05.2022. So, everyone who is ready and wants to drive in Rallye Breslau will have to register until then.

We are reminding that our registration regulations are maybe the most liberal one and we don’t require a full payment immediately, but just the payment of a deposit, that shows participation intent. The cancellation options will be the same as in the Fenix Rally.

Daily Winers
This year we introduced prizes for the daily/leg winners. This was met with great reception at the Fenix Rally, so there will be daily winners’ prizes also at the Rallye Breslau.

Rallye Breslau is included in the RBI Grand Master Award; which Gala Ceremony will be at the end of the rally season at the Balkan Offroad Rallye. “RBI Grand Master Award” is for competitors of all classes, scored the best results in the events of the calendar. Exceptional trophies, free entries for rallies for next year and valuable prizes from our sponsors will be honored to the winners.

Last but not least we appeal everyone who can to participate in the following charity cause for a little 18-month old boy from Turkey who needs the most expensive medication in the world to be able to live. The injection costs $1.88 million. The chance for healing is 97%. Alexander Tasch, an off-road driver, winner in several RBI Sport events and co-driver of Frank Stensky and his business partner initiated the great campaign. Click on the link to learn the ways you can support Karem:

Looking forward to a great Rallye Breslau!
Sporting greetings
Alexander Kovatchev
RBI Sport Team