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Meet the competitors – Toon Van Poucke and Antoon Van Poucke

In a series of blog posts we will introduce competitors who shared their experience at Rallye Breslau or other event of RBI Sport in the interview.

1) Who are you? What is your occupation?

Driver: Toon Van Poucke ( Belgium ) 1987

Navigator: Antoon Van Poucke ( Belgium ) 1955

Father and son

2) How did it start with your off-road passion? Since when are you rallying/driving off-road? What is your rally experience?

Passion alsready started at very small age watching DAKAR rally on Eurosport. Facinated about rally raid 2019 we bought a new SSv Can Am Maverick XRS Turbo to participate in MDC2020. After it was postponed due covid we heard about Rallye Breslau and participated our first Breslau ever in 2020.

3) You already have taken part in Rallye Breslau. When was your first participation? Share with us the first experience.

2020 was our first Rallye Breslau and for sure not last one. Really good organisation with nice tracks, for good navigation skills.

4) In which class are you competing in the Breslau? Did you drive in a different class or category or do you remain faithful to one specific class/category?

SSV rally raid is our class ! We love it.

5) Tell us more about your rally vehicle.

Bought an original new Can Am Maverick  XRS Turbo 2019 model . We did a lot of modifications to make it FIA proof. Almost nothing is original anymore. Thanks to QFF racing.

6) What is special about Rallye Breslau? What drives you to participate in this rally? What are in your point of view the main features of this event that makes it different to other rallies?

Good organisation. Nice tracks. Great country.

7) Share something from your rally vehicle preparation for Rallye Breslau, that can be useful to other competitors.

We need new and batter schoks for sure ( we still had the original ones ).

8) Have you already taken part in other rally events of RBI Sport? Which ones.

Fenix Rally 2021.