Meet the competitors – Jeffrey Otten and Nicky Zoontjens
Rallye Breslau 2021: Bigger than ever. Hashtag #megaedition
Meet the competitors – Jeffrey Otten and Nicky Zoontjens
Rallye Breslau 2021: Bigger than ever. Hashtag #megaedition
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Meet the competitors – Christina Dobloug and Lise Solie

In a series of blog posts we will introduce competitors who shared their experience at Rallye Breslau or other event of RBI Sport in the interview.

1) Who are you? What is your occupation? 

Christina: I have practicаlly grown up on a race track, and have been working with Land Rover for the past 10 years. I have always loved technical challenges and cars. Have a good knowledge in mechanical tasks, track racing and driving offroad. Never raced offroad, and it will be a blast!

Lise: I work as an athlete performance coach. Previously I spent several years as a sergeant in the Norwegian Armed Forces. I will use my experience to optimise us as a team. Growing up with a father with passion for airplanes- and building them, motors has always been a passion for me. I’ve been racing quads and motocross.

2) How did it start with your off-road passion? Since when are you rallying/driving off-road? What is your rally experience?

Lise: I joined a crew as a photographer to the Paris-Dakar and Morocco Challenge and has dreamt of it eversince. The passionate drivers and teams were a fantastic experience.

Christina: My passion started in my dad’s car dealership when I was litte. I sat there watching Camel Trophy after school and dreamt of racing it to the extreme my self one day. Previously I have been track racing in dfferent classes, now a dream is about to come true, and Rallye Breslau is the beginning of our Rally Raid adventure together.

3) You already have taken part in Rallye Breslau. When was your first participation? Share with us the first experience.

Not previously entered a rally raid.

4) In which class are you competing in the Breslau? Did you drive in a different class or category or do you remain faithful to one specific class/category?

We are entering the Cross country Class Cars. This is our fist competition together, and we can’t wait to meet the other competitors!

5) Tell us more about your rally vehicle. 

  • Built from new 2012 Land Rover Defender 90 HTs
  • Comprising of fully welded in MSA rollcages 
  • Bowler designed remote reservoir Bilstein suspension system
  • Bowler specific springs and ARBS.
  • Std 6 speed manual transmission with uprated gearbox mounts
  • Bowler ecu upgrade – 180hp+ 
  • Uprated turbo and intercooler
  • Safety glass in doors and rear – polycarb side windows
  • Cobra seats and race harness
  • Intercom system and terratrip
  • Bowler gearshifter kit
  • Lazer lights fitted for night time
  • Bowler LW wheels
  • Internal and external cut offs
  • Protection pack including: steering guard, bumper, sills
  • The car was a run of 13 in the original Defender Challenge cars.

6) What is special about Rallye Breslau? What drives you to participate in this rally? What are in your point of view the main features of this event that makes it different to other rallies?

Poland is a beautiful country and hosting the ”Dakar of Europe”, what’s there not to like? So many legandary competitors. With 2 bivouacs, it’s compact and the perfect start for us. The first time we enter any competition together, and we will be in awe and excited. This will be a learning experience. And by looking at the other competitors, it seems addictive!

7) Share something from your rally vehicle preparation for Rallye Breslau, that can be useful to other competitors.

With so many experienced rallydrivers and teams, we search info on the net, on how they prepare and train. Since our car is located in the UK, and Covid restrictions apply, we have mainly been focusing on getting familiar with all different situations that can happen in a rally raid. We have a Land Rover technician Espen and Dag, that is kind enough to lend us their Defenders and garage. Where we practise things we need to know. Our mentor Dave Marsh at Bowler Motorsport  provides us with all kinds of fun activities every week. All from jacking safely to changing serpentine belts. Dave has been in offroad racing for over 30 years and is fantastic to have onboard!

8) Have you already taken part in other rally events of RBI Sport? Which ones.

None – yet