29.06 - 03.07.2020

We are proud to announce that Rallye Breslau Poland 2020 will take place from 29th of June to 3rd of July. This could not happen without the support and long-standing cooperation between the organisation and the Polish authorities and partners.

* 5-day rally concept

Following the principle "less is more", Breslau Poland 2020 will be again a spectacular action packed as a 5-day event. This rally concept has proven itself last year and was a real success for everyone, giving the rally teams more flexibility in their busy schedule. The adventure will keep on its challenging and versatile rally routes with new options and tracks in the Polish forests and sandy roads. Come on a weekend, race all the week, leave on a weekend. Grab the feeling of „That’s my race” in a highly compact rally with friendly yet professional organisation.

* Online registration start: End of December 2019

The online registration will be open at the end December 2019. You will be able to register quickly and convenient in the online database of RBI. Pleasant surprises wait for those who sign up early, but more about it, we will announce in the upcoming newsletter.

* 2 camps, more tracks and exploring new areas

Poland offers the unique combination of rally tracks through dense forests, wide fields and above all the legendary and versatile military terrain - enough to challenge the potential of man and machine and create a lifetime experience.

The rally will keep its main features for Cross Countryand Extreme categories. Breslau Poland 2020 will have the following classes:
- Breslau Cross Country - Motorbikes, Quads, SSV, Cars and Trucks
- Breslau Extreme - Cars and Trucks

Motorbikes and ATVs will drive separately from the SSVs, Cars and Trucks. This will ensure that both big groups of competitors have more fun and safety. In 2020 the rally will offer 2 camps full with rally atmosphere and feeling of togetherness. Along with that we are working on exploring new routes for precise navigation, unique adventure and amazing driving.

* Breslau Discovery

Take part in Breslau Poland and live the emotion close to your rally friends! For those who want to taste the off-road sport for the first time or who want to follow the pathway of the racers, the Discovery category is our great proposal. Experience driving the rally route on a road book or follow the GPS using your non-modified vehicle, in a relaxed way without the pressure of time in save and organised conditions.

Rallye Breslau Poland – The legend lives on for its 26th edition in 2020!

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