Come on a weekend, race all the week, leave on a weekend!

Following the principle “less is more”, Rallye Breslau Poland 2019 will be a 5-day event! Come on a weekend, race all the week, leave on a weekend! All the good will stay in a highly concentrated concept.

Administrative checks and scrutineering will be done on Saturday and Sunday, the rally days will be Monday to Friday and the prize-giving ceremony will take place on Friday evening.

“With this new rally concept in Poland, we are aiming to save valuable time for the competitors, but still offer them a challenging event on versatile routes without repeating parts of the track.” says rally-organizer Alexander Kovatchev. “In this way, people will miss just 5 working days, get back home the weekend after and go relaxed to work on Monday. The problem with the Sunday driving restriction for trucks is also solved in this way.”

The statistics show that classes and categories also need an update to follow the development and evolution of the sport.

To focus and streamline the essential values, Rallye Breslau Poland will have the following classes: Breslau Cross Country – Motorbikes, Quads, SSV, Cars and Trucks; Breslau Extreme – Cars and Trucks

Together with the classical rally and the positive experience from Balkan Offroad 2018, the newly introduced Discovery category will be available for those looking for adventure in non-modified vehicles (ATV, SSV, Cars).

CROSS COUNTRY - Motorbikes, Quads, SSV, Cars and Trucks
EXTREME - Cars and Trucks

“We are happy to offer again what the rally stands for: adventure, spirit, fun, action, holiday-feeling, all this traditionally in the end of June / beginning of July – but simply more compact for a better price” Kovatchev added.


Off-raod in the heart of Europe

Poland is located at a geographic crossroads that links the forested lands of northwestern Europe to the sea lanes of the Atlantic Ocean and the fertile plains of the Eurasian frontier.

The country spreads between natural sand beaches of the Baltic Sea in the north, through clear lakes, rivers and extensive well-preserved forests, tranquility of central lowlands to vast uplands and mountain peaks in the south.


What you need

The rally is for drivers with or without a motor sport license.

A road legal, suitable 4×4 vehicle complying with with the Technical Regulations of the rally. Not only a good vehicle is important in the evaluation, but also the harmony between the driver and the co-driver, the understanding of the road book and the compass or better GPS.


Camps, Facilities, Catering

With the open- air bivouacs you are free to sleep in your tent or your car, backed by the security of a rally-camp and with mobile showers and toilets.

The offical Catering is included. The daily menu consists of a breakfast, take away lunch package (given at breakfast) and dinner.


You are never alone here

Our approved live tracking will always know where you are and special educated operators will follow the rally with the tracking every day until the last participant, rally or discovery, will reach the bivouac. If you are on the wrong track, if you have to stop because of
technical problems or an accident, we always will find you in seconds. And the best: Your friends and family at home can follow you live


Helicopter, Doctors, Help

Safety first! The rally and discovery categories will be accompanied by an experienced medical crew with off-road medical cars, which are placed on strategic positions all over the stages. Also the event is covered by a helicopter, so in the worst case there will be help in minutes, even if you are far away from the next roads, villages or cities. The medical crew is cooperating always with our satellite tracking crew.


Will always help you out

If you have a technical problem and the car is not possible to move, we also don´t let you alone. The rally and discovery classes are protected by an experienced recovery crew with small and big recovery trucks.
Equal if you stuck in the high mountains, in the deep forest, in a silent valley or simply the beach: We will pull your car and equipment
out and will transport everything back to the next camp. Included.