This years’ anniversary of the Rallye Breslau Poland was a tough edition in the German and Polish forests. After a special prologue and first stage at the Lausitzring the teams moved to Drawsko Pomorskie, the friendly host for most of this years’ stages. It is in the famous Polygon where most of the teams meet their master in the tough stages. The 20th anniversary proves a big challenge for the teams, asking them to give all they have in order to reach the finish in Zagan.

From the first moment at the Lausitzring the point is clear: fast tracks lead the competitors into tight forests and to difficult hillclimbs. Car- and truckdrivers need all their skill to master the first stages on this years’ Breslau. Especially the two steep hills prove to be difficult, requiring the winch for most of the teams. After the prologue everyone understood what this year would be like: adventure and big challenges in Europes toughest rallyraid.

On Sunday the teams left the Lausitzring, heading north towards the Polygon near Drawsko Pomorskie. A nightstage awaits the competitors, leading them into the darkness of the Polish forests. After this stage four more days of racing on the Polygon follow, making this area the deciding grounds for the Rallye Breslau.

“The Rallye Breslau was never easy” says racedirector and former competitor Alex Kovatchev, “but we have to give everyone a fair chance to reach the finish.” Having said this, he decides to shorten the final stage in Drawsko Pomorski, slow down the pace of the rallye so the teams can breathe and prepare their vehicles for the last days in Zagan.

As only 95 of 160 teams start in Zagan, the strength needed to reach the finish is clear. The Rallye Breslau has on its 20th anniversary proved to be a “tough nut”’ to crack. Reaching the finish is a goal in itself, winning the Breslau is even more special:

Martin Hähle and Wolfgang Braun won the car category, with competition from France, Cedric Porcher with team Mudracer and from the UK, Jim Marsden from Gigglepin4x4. Harald Chemnitz with the famous IFA W50 proved to be unbeatable, leading the truck category. With a special surprise Patrick Toepfer won the small truck category with his Unimog after Wineboud de Lille missed a checkpoint on the last day. Underlining the international character of the event is the victory of Christophe Courtin from Team Grisoulle in the UTV class and Remy Kusy on Quad. Henk Knuiman returned to the Rallye Breslau and showed his excellence on the bike leading the competition for 8 days and winning the 20th anniversary edition of the Rallye Breslau on his bike.

 The spirit of the Breslau is alive in Poland and in the Balkans with a rapidly growing 8 day rallyraid from Sofia to Varna, from the mountains to the coast of Bulgaria. The new leadership of the Rallye Breslau brings fresh energy to the Rallye Breslau Poland, the results of which we will see in the forthcoming months.

NH | Official accredited Breslau Press