Breslau 2020 – The legend lives on!
Le calendrier RBI Sport pour 2021 est désormais officiel.

RBI Sport committed for a second time to a charity campaign and wants to help our friend to get over the next big health challenge in front of her and start a normal life again. We hope you will support us in this good mission.

The team itself contributes to this campaign since its beginning.

We invite all of you who are willing to support it to take part with a donation of minimum 100 €.

You are welcome to donate more if you can.

As a gesture from our side we are going to send video material to everyone who donated at least 100 € and we have available rally footage of him/her.

Zhenya Stoencheva is Bulgarian and 38 years old.

She has wonderful daughter and husband. Her husband Christo has been working since over 15 years at Gladiator Offroad Technik in Plovdiv, Bulgaria and supporting the whole preparation of the events of RBI Sport.

Zhenya has a severe diagnosis – cysts in the spinal cord which compress nerve structures.

We had a campaign for her few years ago as she went to a complicated spinal surgery in Cyprus.

Since end of 2019 she was unfortunately diagnosed with adhesive arachnoiditis – nerve roots around the spinal cord which are clumped and have adhesions around them.

The prescribed medical treatment includes injections with stem cells in the LIV Hospital Ulus in Instanbul, Turkey.

The first 2 shots cost 24 000 USD. If the treatment gives good results, she will need more shots. Even this starting amount is very high amount for the family and they cannot afford it after all difficulties in the recent years. The Commission for Treatment abroad in Bulgaria refused to finance the medical intervention as it refused to do it for the surgery.

Therefore, the charity campaign was started again.

Here are the ways for donation.


wire transfer

IBAN: BG64UBBS80021053576440
Bank: United Bulgarian Bank





On behalf of Zhenya, her husband and the whole team of RBI Sport we heartfully thank for your contribution.


Stay safe!
Alexander Kovatchev
RBI Sport team