What is BRESLAU 500?

Breslau 500 is a completely new compact category within the legendary Rallye Breslau Poland. It features all the good things you know or have heard of the Breslau and puts them together in a three-day-competition. We’re not playing candy crush here! Expect over 500 special stage kilometers on Northern Poland’s beautiful landscapes.

  • 3 rally days
  • More than 500 km. special stages
  • Cross country category for all classes
  • Extreme category only for cars
  • Night stage highlight
  • Special award ceremony

It’s up to you to decide, how deep you get into the action, as even on the Breslau 500 you have the choice between sweeping fast Cross-Country or mind & car challenging Extreme (for cars only).

Breslau 500 starts a day earlier than the full-size Rallye Breslau – on Friday the 29th of June and ends on Sunday, 1st of July. The routes for Bikes / Quads and SSV / Car / Truck are completely unique and tailored for the specific demands of the classes. They will start either at the same time on different locations or there will be a sufficient time gap between the classes. This would give everybody the equal chance of driving the maximum out of the given time and yes, it provides the highest level of safety as well.

We will start in a town called Dretyn – and even if this name is not familiar to you, don’t worry, its a totally new location for our rally and you will enjoy it a lot. The terrain is just awesome, rallying there is like having a ride in a rollercoaster with friends.

A day later, we will visit the main square of the neighboring town of Miastko, where with a show start the second rally day will begin and it will not end fast. In the summer the sun is out for a long time every evening and you’d better get a shot of espresso and switch your lights on for a nightstage into the deep unknown dark. Again: Yes, there will be a night stage!

A short night later, everybody wakes up in the morning, to prepare for the last two special stages on the polygon of Drawsko Pomorskie, where men’s eyes start to
glow in happy expectations. Being back in Drawsko is a big pleasure for us all and stands for tough rallying on one of Europe’s biggest millitary training grounds.

On Sunday afternoon, right after the finish, a special prize giving ceremony will take place directly in the polygon – to “crown” the winners of the Breslau 500 and everybody, who managed to fight through the last three days. With this the program of the category Breslau 500 will come to an end and the participants will return home and will get back to work on Monday. The ones who continue their classic Breslau adventure, will return to the camp to get prepared for the following week of great rally.

All our stages will be managed by a selected and highly experienced international Organisation crew. The timekeeping is based on reliable TAG Heuer devices and technology, Rally Control, tracking and safety is provided by Geotraq’s enterprise solution and the exclusive live-reports online will come from

Being a category of the Rallye Breslau, the Sporting and Technical Regulation for Breslau 500 are the same as the ones of the main event.

Breslau 500 is using the GEOTRAQ GPS tracking devices as well. Please pay special attention to the fitting instructions and the preparation of the electrical supply prior the scrutineering.

We would like to express our special thanks for the hospitality of the authorities in Poland. We highly appreciate the trust and confidence and we are happy to have such great partners!

Picture from the reconnaissance in Poland