RBI Season 2023

It’s official!Our new 2023 season of RBI Sport Calendar has been launched! Join us for 3 phenomenally exciting rallies, packed with unforgettable experiences and thrilling terrains […]

Rally Replay

It’s almost two weeks after the finish of the legendary Rallye Breslau 2022 but the memories are still fresh, especially in the heads of the competitors. […]

Rallye Breslau considerations, facts and figures after the race

Rallye Breslau, since its origins, has evoked in the imagination of European off-roaders, and not only, epic scenarios of an immense challenge between men, machines and […]

Get your professional photo selection

Get your professional photo selection for Rallye Breslau prepared by the RBI Media Crew which is a cooperation of the best off-road photographers, videographers and journalists. […]

Switching the camps

For participants coming to Rallye Breslau 2022 without service/assistance (mostly enduro and atv) they can switch the camps on their own. No special need of service […]

Digital Notice Board

Download the SPORTITY Application on your mobile phones and tablets. All important communications will be uploaded there. “Push” notifications of the application show any new document […]