Rally Replay is ON ! – Rallye Breslau Poland
WATCH the amazing VIDEOS from Rallye Breslau Poland 2018

Welcome to our Rally Replay

With this highly interactive tool, we provide for you a simple way, to review the rally again and again. It’s equipped with many functions, which support your demands for professional after-race-analyzation or just for entertainment purpose.

For example: Ghoststart virtually sets all starttimes to the same value and therefore simulates a mass-start, show how participants would have been compared on the track head-on-head. Even if they started in reality minutes or hours apart from each other.

Use the “Show Trails” option to visualize the driven track of each vehicle. Perfect to show navigation failures or tried shortcuts.

The background color of the startnumbers indicate the actual speed. Green is slow, red is fast. Select your own time-lapse factor and play with the timeslider to make your own time-room-space.