Rallye Breslau 23.06-29.06.2024

30th Anniversary Edition of Rallye Breslau – “It’s gonna be something extraordinary…” 

The anniversary edition of Rallye Breslau promises to be an extraordinary milestone as we celebrate the 30th jubilee edition of the event. It will continue the tradition of ultimate off-road adventure, where friends are born and limits are shattered.

Experience the 30th edition of Rallye Breslau, a motorsport extravaganza like never before!

NEW: This unforgettable event will feature a prologue, six (not five) exhilarating race days, a captivating night stage, two challenging marathon stages, three bivouacs and even longer and more daring stages to test the mettle of every participant. But that’s not all. To make this milestone even more special, we have a lot of new additions planned for next year’s rally.

With a rich program tailored for competitors, teams, and guests, engaging activities and spectacular entertainment await.

The legend lives on, and the countdown to the next chapter begins now!

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Classic rallying in combination with off-road – or the combination of the right car, the right driving and navigating skills! Only the roadbook will show you the right way through unknown terrain under the pressure of time. It´s the job of the navigator, to find the correct route. The car has to be specially prepared and it´s the job of the driver, to know the limits of his car – and to drive as best as possible within the limits to win. Driver, navigator and the technical basics must cooperate in a harmonious way – while the clock is running. 

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Hardcore offroad and right tactics. There are also fast passages. There is also a road book. But in the Extreme, the focus is mostly pointed on the perfect slowness in combination with the tactical skills of the occupants. A right decision is much more worth than speed. The navigator not only has to point out the right way, he also to assist the driver with the strength of his muscles. Not only the technical condition of the vehicle is important. Driver and codriver have to think carefully, have to experience, to trick the physics – and sometimes they simply have to be brutal.



Rally adventure to try and find out. No matter whether Cross Country or Extreme: The participants in the Discovery Category are able to breathe real “motorsport air”, but inside the action instead just beeing a spectator. The technology could be (nearly) standard), the knowledge of driver and codrive could be on a level of a novice. Everything can, nothing has to, without large investments in the technology. You can test your own limits without running under pressure. Carry on when it’s fun or stop when you prefer to be part of the camp atmosphere. Enjoy with nearly all access.



Rallye Breslau Poland is organized by the RBI Sport Ltd. in Poland.
It is the oldest amateur off-road rally in Europe, combining the “Cross-Country” and “Extreme” categories,
and together with the “Discovery” category it makes one of a kind motorsport event.
For more details over the available vehicle classes, select the desired category.


Poland is located in the hearth of Europe, making it the ideal location for gathering teams from all across the continent.
The area where the rally routes are situated consists mainly of sand and dirt roads with a few altitude changes.
The military polygon of Drawsko Pomorskie (shown in the photo) is the place where a round of the
World Cup for Cross Country Rallies is held, making Rallye Breslau Poland great practice event.