New subcategories for cars in Cross Country Class
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News subcategories for cars in Extreme Class

For the upcoming season, RBI Assn. is introducing some changes in the technical rules for the Breslau Rallye and Balkan Offroad Rallye. The goal is to give more opportunities for more competitors to win a trophy, even for those that can’t invest too much in their vehicles.

The first changes are the creation of two subcategories for both Extreme and Cross-Country classes. Those subcategories will be named “Open” and “Limited” and will have their own standing classification, except the general standings for the class. Those, who comply to the requirements of the “Limited” subcategory, will be listed there. The others will be added in the “Open” class.

“Limited” and “Open” subcategories¬†shared the same tracks.

The differentiation of those two subcategories is not a restriction by any means. Every crew, that complies to the safety regulations, will have a green light to start at the rallies. But by this way much more competitors will have a chance to get back home with a trophy and a podium.

Specific Technical Regulations for: